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New Single! Gary Miller 'A Boy's Own Story'

Posted on 20 October, 2021 at 3:25

I'm delighted to announce the release of my new Single 'A Boy's Own Story'...

Having sat on this recording for some time, now finally feels like the right time to "put it out there". 'A Boy's Own Story' was recorded last December for 'Releasing From Lockdown', a great project put together by the good people of The Forum Music Centre, so a huge thanks to Allison Mckay, Hayley McKay and everyone else involved for giving me the opportunity to make this recording.

Further thanks to Chris Davison, for all his hard work in the studio and for tweaking stuff along the way, as well as to Darren Tansley, Jake Lucas and Helen Temperley for their amazing contributions.

I've been 'umming and ahing' about releasing this as it stands, as I felt that it was unfinished and that my first pass at the vocals (on the finished mix) needed a revisit but, on reflection, it perhaps feels better to let the song stand as it is, slightly raw and relatively sparse, so that the intensity of the emotion in this personal song can hopefully speak for itself.

'A Boy's Own Story' is the first song I've released that is intended to eventually form a part of 'Gary Miller's Big Picture', an album project I am currently working towards in an attempt to encapsulate the last five years of my life through a very personal song cycle. Anyway, I hope you like it!...

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For many years, it stood the test

Giving warmth and peace and rest

It nurtured love, it deadened pain

It inspired passion, it fostered gain

They closed its doors on a day of rain

It was never to be seen again

All its contents and knowledge gone

Except for memories that linger on

Black fire dancing through the trees

The weeping world is on its knees

Choking on the ash and smoke

But it cannot fix what never broke

For what has passed was meant to be

It was fated naturally

But its route was altered by human hands

Hateful minds, deceitful plans

Little boy hurting, little girl lost

Each one counting their personal cost

Slight the ferryman, pay off the clowns

Disperse the fog that shadows the downs

Two stars danced round a black hole

Heel to heel and toe to toe

Hand in hand and fist to fist

Good and bad both came of this

They tried to beat Eternity

With a Principle of Uncertainty

It tripped them up eventually

One spiraled in but one broke free

The Duke of York marched his men

To the top of the hill and down again

Many battles fought along the way

But they lived to fight another day

The days grew long, the men grew fat

Their hands grew idle, well fancy that!

Until they deserted on a fickle breeze

Now they fight as mercenaries

Little boy hurting, little girl lost

Each one counting their personal cost

Slight the ferryman, pay off the clowns

Disperse the fog that shadows the downs

There is no Heaven, there is no Hell

Just the confines of a wishing well

My coin is stuck halfway down

Caught in limbo, a lonely town

I’m treading water over shifting sands

Clinging on with arthritic hands

Cup your hands, give me a bunk

Lift me up, I’m almost sunk

The sky’s a blinding radiant jewel

The air is thick with precious fuel

Grasping the moment, I breathe it in

I know at last that I can win

Now I’ve got you by my side

I’m unafraid, I need not hide

The spell is broken, the bonds are gone

I’ve burned my baggage, I’m moving on

Sweep up the anguish, tie it all in

To a little bin bag that’s weak and thin

That’s all it takes to get rid of the waste

Do it with resolve if not in haste

Little boy hurting, little girl lost

No longer counting their personal cost

They've slighted the ferryman, paid off the clowns

And dispersed the fog that shadows the downs

Dispersed the fog that shadows the downs

(Gary Miller)

© 2020 Whippet Records

Copyright Control MCPS/PRS

GARY MILLER - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Bass, Percussion

DARREN TANSLEY - Piano, Keyboards


HELEN TEMPERLEY - Backing Vocals

Recorded at The Forum Music Centre, Darlington, County Durham

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Chris Davison

Except : -

Piano & Keyboards recorded at Moonhare Studio, East Anglia

Artwork by Helen Temperley

'A Boy's Own Story' is available on Digital Download direct from my online Bandcamp Shop HERE.

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