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'Journey' [Home Demo]

Posted on 28 October, 2021 at 4:30

Over the last couple of years (during "lockdown", etc), I've been amassing a wealth of songs and home demos for various projects, e.g. "The Butcher Baronet" (a 30-song folk-rock opera), "Northern Grit", "From Coalfield to Battlefield", "Nellie’s Temple" (a project with my partner Helen, as a vehicle for her own amazing songwriting), as well as an update of Mad Martins, amongst others. And that's just the tip of the iceberg - I'm particularly excited about the multi-media project "The Weavings of the Black Wool" that Helen and me have been developing (my own instinct tells me that if anything is going to be our joint "break-through" project it will be this one).

In the meantime, there are literally dozens of songs "waiting in the wings" and I'm desperate to finally start getting some of them out there, in any form I can. So, with that in mind, I've uploaded a track to YouTube that I demoed at home a year or so ago. It's my own cack-handed attempt at playing various instruments and I'm no producer/engineer but at least now I feel ready to let it loose as it currently stands (warts and all). It may (or may not) be part of my upcoming Gary Miller's Big Picture album (which may be a single or double album - time will tell) but I'm happy to be able to at least get a taster of it out there at last to get the ball rolling...

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The day is on it’s journey

And you’ve been watching every clock

Waiting for something on the wind

That you’re missing all the things that really matter

Whilst punishing yourself for others sins

There’s a broken piece of you that seems close yet far away

It’s trying to crush the things that you hold dear

But it won’t mend, it’s gone, it’s history, it can’t hurt you any more

There’s a new dawn with a future bright and clear

So take courage, take hope, take this helping hand

And grab the piece of justice that you’re owed

There’s love inside and all around you

And a strength that you’ve still yet to show

There’s a stray cat in the garden that’s being fed every day

It’s more familiar than the boy sat on the train

There’s a crowd upon the platform, there’s a car parked on a hill

And a figure dashing madly through the rain

So run hard and grab the moment that is given unto you

Like it counts for every second that you’ve known

There are questions to be asked there are drums still to be banged

And many parts to you that you’ve not shown

So take courage, take hope, take this helping hand

There’s a winding path that leads to who knows where

There’s love inside and all around you

And with every step you take it will be there

(Gary Miller)

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