Gary Miller Songs

"As a song poet there are few in the world today to match him"
Green Man Review, USA

Berwick Welcomes The World (2010)

Songwriting project in 7 schools, Berwick-upon-Tweed.
Delivered by Gary Miller, assisted by Iain Petrie.
Commissioned by Northumberland County Council.
For Think Make Grow on behalf of Dodgy Clutch.

A number of songs were written by each of the schools during the workshops, but for the title song specifically, each school contributed a verse. 'Berwick Welcomes the World' was then performed at the ‘Riding the Bounds’ Event in Berwick Market Place on 1st May 2010.



Berwick welcomes the world

Colours shining bright on our banners unfurled

Every man, every woman, every boy and girl

Berwick welcomes the world

Berwick Middle:

Down the High Street to the Town Hall

We've lots of places to show to you all

Meg's Mount, the Lighthouse and the Bell Tower

The Beaches, Bridges, Barracks and Walls


St Cuthbert's RC:

See the waves splash upon the shore

Shellfish live on the sea floor

Boats catch fish here in their nets

The sea is dark and deep and wet


Tweedmouth Prior Park 1st:

Long hair, short hair, freckles or moles

Light eyes, dark eyes, cheery souls

Tanned or pale, big or small

Fandabidocious, we welcome you all


Berwick High:

Berwick is home

Sun shining down

There's a ray of sun

That lights up the town


Tweedmouth West 1st:

See the horse, clippety-clop

Down the High Street, past the shops

Shiny coats and flowing manes

Pretty saddles and jangling reins


Spittal Community 1st:

The Spittal Chimney touches the sky

Seagulls swoop from way up high

Lifeboats brave the swirling sea

Berwick is the place for you and me


Tweedmouth Middle:

Swans swimming, salmon jumping

Berwick is the place; it's totally ace

In the town, there is history all around

Hanging with your friends, it's Berwick 'til the end

Chorus x2


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