Gary Miller Songs

"As a song poet there are few in the world today to match him"
Green Man Review, USA


Brandon, Browney and Boyne



I was born a miner's son
And a miner's son I'll die
My memories have lived with me
I'll think of them in time
I dreamed about a river flowing
Swiftly brown and blue
And it broke my heart to feel the start
Of remembrance breaking through

The beck became a river
And its course reflected my life
It broke no banks; it broke no rules
As it meandered out of sight
I felt its magic in my heart
Its growing pains and joy
My life was linked by heart and soul
To Brandon, Browney and Boyne

The haunting greyness of my father's house
Was the haven of my youth
It taught me all that I now hold dear
Both the illusions and the truth
Now the childhood dreams and the house have gone
Like my past, the past is pulled down
Yet the river keeps flowing ever on
Through Brandon, Browney and Boyne

Times may have changed, yet the river remains
Though its course has strayed down through the years
And in the hard times of my life
Its washed away all of the tears
I've walked the shadows of my heart
And crossed swords with all that I've loved
And held my desires a lifetime away
I've chained myself with blood

I've grown into a bitter man
Whose life's now stained with hate
I've lost faith in my fellow man
And I'm closeted within my fate
If solitude was my rise and fall
I'd throw it all away now
And then I'd leave to return and stay
In Brandon, Browney and Boyne

This river and land have felt the hand
Of many a generation's toil
The land-locked blood of brotherhood
Flows through Brandon, Browney and Boyne
Now I'll take the road that others tread
I'll see you down the line
And I'll meet you where the river ends
In Brandon, Browney and Boyne

(Gary Miller)

© 1994 Whippet Records

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