Gary Miller Songs

"As a song poet there are few in the world today to match him"
Green Man Review, USA



CDs (all on Whippet Records)

The Whisky Priests

Bloody Well Everything!

187-track 12-Disc CD Box Set

WPTCDBOX27 (2018)

£24.99 GBP

[SALE PRICE - was £39.99]

Gary Miller

Mad Martins

50-track 3xCD/104-page Deluxe Book

WPTCDB24 (2017)

£29.99 GBP

Gary Miller

Reflections on War

10-track CD

WPTCD22 (2010)

£9.99 GBP


The Whisky Priests

Think Positive!

13-track CD

WPTCD15 (1998)

£4.99 GBP

The Whisky Priests

The Power and The Glory

13-track CD

WPTCD8 (1994)

£4.99 GBP


CD Bundles

Contains the following items : -

'Mad Martins' - 50-track 3xCD housed in 104-Page Deluxe Book
[retails seperately at £29.99]

'Fair Flowers Among Them All (The 'Mad Martins' Instrumentals)' - 20-track CD
[retails seperately at £9.99]

Gary Miller 'Reflections on War'' - 10-track CD
[retails seperately at £9.99]

£39.99 + p&p

[Save £9.98 - all items retail seperately for a total price of £49.97]


Contains the following items: -

Mad Martins - 50-track 3xCD/104-page Deluxe Book

Fair Flowers Among Them All ('Mad Martins' Instrumentals) - 20-track CD

Mad Martins T-Shirt

Mad Martins Tote Bag

Set of 10 Mad Martins 'Front Cover' Design Postcards

£39.99 GBP

[£20 GBP cheaper than buying all of the above separately]

Please note: T-shirt and Tote Bag despatched separately from Germany,

all other items despatched from UK


Whisky Priests "Bloody Well Everything!"

The Complete Reunion Merchandise Set

Contains the following items : -

"Bloody Well Everything!" - 12-disc CD Box Set (187 tracks)

"Bloody Well Everything!" - 190-track Download [includes 3 bonus tracks]

"Bloody Well Back! Reunion Tour" T-Shirt [choice of sizes available]

"Whisky Priests Estd 1985 Durham England" - Draw-String Tote Bag

"Iron Man" logo - Enamel Badge

"Whisky Priests Estd 1985 Durham England" - Standard Pin Badge

"Whisky Priests Estd 1985 Durham England" - Postcard

29.99 + p&p

[Massive saving - all items retail seperately at around £77]

Whisky Priests Vintage Back Catalogue 2 CD Bundle

Buy One Get One FREE! - 2 CDs for only £4.99 (including p&p worldwide)

[This is the final stock of back catalogue Whisky Priests CDs]

This offer comprises the following albums on CD : -
The Power And The Glory (1994)
Think Positive! (1998)