Gary Miller Songs

"As a song poet there are few in the world today to match him"
Green Man Review, USA


Hold on



Hold me John

For my heart is bleeding

Hold me John

If there was one thing in life

I was needing

I have watched children sliding

Down cobblestones wet

And it filled me with longing

And tears of regret

We were not blessed

But our lives are set

So hold me John

Hold me Ann

For I feel your deep pain

Hold me Ann

And support this cold chain

I'd gladly give it all away

My silver and my gold

My property and status

Could all be sold

If it would gift us an heir

To have and hold

So hold me Ann

We'll hold on

To all of our love

We'll hold on

When the mourning dove 

Stakes its claim

On what we’ve never known

For we still have each other

And our love has grown

Through years of victory

With each seed sown

We've held on

So hold me Ann

Hold me John

Hold on

Hold on

(Gary Miller)

© 2018 Whippet Records

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Illustration by Helen Temperley © 2020


Illustration by Helen Temperley © 2019


Illustration by Helen Temperley © 2019


Helen's initial illustration for 'The Butcher Baronet' © 2018


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