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"As a song poet there are few in the world today to match him"
Green Man Review, USA


House of War



Home from the battle

No respite in store

For father back home

To the House of War

The child on his lap

Strokes his medals in awe

Growing up fast

In the House of War

Beat the drum loudly

March across the floor

Innocents lambs

In a House of War

War is a game

That children adore

As they're bred to kill

In a House of War

But Granmother knows

She's seen it before

Can't bear to look

On the House of War

One skittle left standing

The rest are no more

For Death comes cheap

In a House of War

Bulldogs bark

And lions roar

A clarion call

To the House of War

(Gary Miller)

© 2009 Whippet Records

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The Volunteers, 1860, by Frederick Daniel Hardy: York Museums Trust



A poem commissioned for 'Reflections on War', a community arts project and exhibition at York Art Gallery for York Museums Trust.

Inspired by the painting 'The Volunteers' (1860) by Frederick Daniel Hardy (1826-1911), York Museums Trust.

Other songs and poems from the 'Reflections on War' project include : -

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Reflections on War

York Art Gallery (2009)


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