Internationally-acclaimed Songwriter,
Performer and Recording Artist
from County Durham, England

Gary Miller Songs

"As a song poet there are few in the world today to match him"
Green Man Review, USA


Jenny Grey



I watched as you watched me with hope in my heart
And I wondered what your eyes were telling me then
But a wall drew around me and trapped me forever
And there was no key that could free me again

I passed by a headstone, which no shadows darkened
There I saw a young woman with flowers and tears
And I envied the soul for whom she was grieving
And I lost all desire to continue my years

When they are drying the blood from my body
And the flowers and grieving are all for me
And when I am gone into Hell or to Heaven
Oh dear Jenny Grey cry for me

We walked together in the cool summer morning
And the birds were all singing in the valley below
But the wind stole their voices as the sweet vision faded
And I walked home without you alone

The factory gates have all closed down before me
And the lights are dimming on the edge of the town
And they are singing a sad hymn in the church in the village
And your face looks so sad as the tears flow down

(lyrics: Gary Miller / music: Glenn Miller)

© 1989 Whippet Records
Copyright Control MCPS/PRS


Releases (on Whippet Records unless otherwise stated)

Original Studio Version

The Whisky Priests

Nee Gud Luck

CD/Cassette/LP (WPTCD4/WPTCD4/WPT4) 1989


Video Clips

The Whisky Priests performing 'Jenny Grey'
(incorporating the poem: 'When I Was One-and-Twenty' by A.E. Housman)
live at Kalaka Folk Festival, Miscolc, Hungary, on 12th July 1992.