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"As a song poet there are few in the world today to match him"
Green Man Review, USA





I cannot get to my love; she’s far from me
Steering a new course on life’s stormy sea
Now I stand alone with a tear in my e’e
No boatman will carry her back home to me

For I was heartless, ignorant, blind and obscene
I had more than the whole world but I could not see
Until I threw it away, I chopped down the tree
Of a life we’d created from so precious a seed

Too late for forgiveness, to be sorry, to plead
Her love has expired, her heart has been freed
And deserted me cruelly in the time of my need
To punish me justly for my selfish greed

Oh but now I am moving, at last I am free
From the torment and torture she rained down on me
I will never forget, I will never be free
Of regret and remorse until the day that I d’e

(Lyrics: Gary Miller, adapted from the traditional ‘The Waters Of Tyne’ /
Tune: ‘The Waters of Tyne’ – Traditional)

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Gary Miller & Ralf Weihrauch performing 'Lament'
live at Mata Hari, Stuttgart, on 23rd October 2005.


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