Gary Miller Songs

"As a song poet there are few in the world today to match him"
Green Man Review, USA


Little Man, Bitter Man



Step forward Little Hitler

Wave your flag and bang your drum

Make out your king of this pitiful hill

And I'll toss you another crumb

Little man, bitter man

Small kingdom creator

Would-be great dictator

Bitter twisted hater

Little man

Step back Little Napoleon

And survey all your land

And see for yourself the empty wealth

A king of nothing can command

Little man, bitter man

With poison in your soul

Hatred is your goal

It's swallowing you whole

Little man

Step aside Little Caesar

Your times are never changing

You'll continue to rot in your glorious rut

While my dreams are more far-ranging

Anger-fuelled and vitriolic, egocentric, histrionic

There is no cure, excuse or tonic for you

Little man, bitter man

Who do you think you are?

Your life is one big scar

You won't get very far

Little man

You could have ruled the world

You could have had it all

But no one ever made it big

By thinking so small

Your writing's on the wall, bitter man

Little man, bitter man

Who do you think you're kidding?

To think I'd do your bidding

It's my turn to be ridding myself of you

Little man

Step into my bright shoes

And you'll see just how I see you

You could only see one point of view

You could never really sing the blues

Little man, bitter man

You will carry, you will crave

Your bitterness to the grave

You've no soul left to save

Little man

(Gary Miller)

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