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"As a song poet there are few in the world today to match him"
Green Man Review, USA


Gary Miller

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Press Release August 2019

Internationally-acclaimed County Durham songwriter and musician Gary Miller releases his ‘DLI EP’ in August 2019, as a precursor to his forthcoming album ‘From Coalfield to Battlefield’, chronicling the history of the Durham Light Infantry through personal stories of individuals over a 200-year period. The project is based on a series of songs specially written and recorded for ‘When the Bugle Calls’, a 12-month travelling exhibition celebrating the music of the Durham Light Infantry, commissioned by the DLI Research & Study Centre. 

Meanwhile, Gary’s epic Mad Martins project is to receive a unique performance at the City Theatre, Durham City, on Saturday 5th October, as part of the Durham Book Festival 2019. Based on the award-winning Mad Martins 50-track 3-CD/100-page Book Box Set released in 2018, depicting the extraordinary lives and times of the notorious Martin Brothers of Tynedale, Northumberland, ‘Mad Martins: The Story of the Martin Brothers’ will present a respective chronology of each brother’s life, in three acts, through songs performed by a 7-piece band, interspersed with spoken word pieces, and enhanced by specially-created visuals. 

"Most Ambitious Release of 2018", 'Best of 2018' Awards (Shite 'n' Onions, USA)

"To say that this is a masterpiece is still an understatement" 10/10 (FRaME Music)

"A veritable Triumph!" ***** (RnR Magazine, UK)

"A magnificent piece of work" (

"An extraordinary work" (FRUK)

Gary is also set to be the subject of a documentary film entitled ‘One Gary Miller’ by award-winning film company Lone Pine Pictures. In the meantime, Gary has provided the eponymous theme song to Lone Pine Pictures’ recently-completed documentary ‘The Butcher Baronet’, based on the legend of Sir John Duck (“Durham’s Dick Whittington). An online teaser trailer based around Gary’s song was released in August 2019. ‘The Butcher Baronet’ is also the eponymous title song of Gary’s new 2-hour Folk-Rock Opera 'The Butcher Baronet', which tells the full tale of Sir John Duck.

Gary Miller is best known as founder, frontman and songwriter of internationally-acclaimed folk-rock band The Whisky Priests, who performed over 1500 concerts in 20 countries and released a wealth of recordings throughout a 17-year career between 1985 and 2002. The County Durham band was renowned for its incredible high-energy live shows: -

"A Whisky Priests show is the sort of stuff to make your hair curl; honest, earthy, loud, raucous and tremendously uplifting.” (Folk Roots, UK).

The Whisky Priests reunited in 2018 to perform their ‘Bloody Well Back!’ Reunion Tour and release ‘Bloody Well Everything! (The Complete Works 1985-2000)’, a retrospective 185-track 12-disc CD Box Set: -

"An exceptional body of work from a great band that has been much missed.” (RnR Magazine).


Select Quotes

"As a song poet, there are few in the world today to match him." (Green Man Review, USA)

"Gary has a real flair for conjuring imagery from the past with a gritty reality. He possesses an inbuilt and empathic understanding of social history, which is voiced in direct tell-it-like-it-is language (not lacking in literacy or lyrical expression, however), boosted by a keen sense of melodic invention, manifested in canny tunes and often seriously catchy choruses. There’s also a strong regional (north-east) folk sensibility within Gary’s songwriting that’s key to the memorability of his songs." (FRUK).

"Miller actually writes great songs with words that mean something and are usually substantially rooted. His ability as a songwriter who captures folk sentiment and communal memory must now be unquestioned."  (Folk Roots, UK).

“A writer of cleverly composed mini-epics. Gary Miller has managed to produce some excellent images of life in the past and the present day.” (Rock ‘N’ Reel, UK).

"Miller has the glorious knack of penning irresistible choruses with a lyrical depth beyond the norm and a strong commercial ear, his worth as a composer ought to be worth its weight in gold." (Folk on Tap, UK).

"One of the most literate and insightful songwriters in the world of folk-rock; his writing has always been exemplary. He touches on every level of human emotion. And his melodies are equally as brilliant as his prose." (All Music Guide, USA).

"One of the best lyricists of our time." (Backline, UK).

"Miller has an enviable range." (Musician, UK).

“Forceful biting lyrics. In years to come (his) songs will be documents of our social history.” (Folktalk, UK).

“Cracking songs which show a good eye for gritty and earthy reality. Images, sympathies and genuine true life are painted with such a vast range of colours – why hasn’t Gary brought out a book of poetry?” (The Modern Dance, UK).

“A fine songwriter, offering skillfully drawn portraits of characters and life.” (Outlook, UK).

“The feel of Gary Miller’s lyrics carries traditional sensibilities. His original lyrics are as appealing as the melodies to which they’re set” (Dirty Linen, USA).

“The songs of Gary Miller are modern folk music, no less.” (Folk On Tap, UK).

“Words with powerful imagery by a powerful wordsmith. He has the ability to draw on aspects of his own experience and adapt and develop these into strong story lines - these are songs to identify with. His eloquant and impassioned delivery speaks to the lost innocent in us all. I’d like to hear a range of singers tackling Gary’s great songs.” (Folk Buzz, UK).

"The man has folk roots that spring from the coaly earth of the North East - a rare quality indeed.(Conrad Jay Bladey, Hutman Productions, USA).