Gary Miller Songs

"As a song poet there are few in the world today to match him"
Green Man Review, USA


Mick's Song



I hear the sound of mournful rain

I feel the world cry out in pain

As the fading light flickers in vain

And I know I'll not see you again

There are words now left unsaid

Deeds unresolved as wounds have bled

Let joyous memories in their stead

Be recalled as tears are shed

Pluck the harp and sound the drum

Let heavenly voices join as one

And sweet birds chorus pure and strong

For the hearts you touched through the power of song

Some came late into the fray

They walked with you on feet of clay

Now left behind to rue the day

While you're over the hills and far away

For into legend you have flown

Bourne on winds that gently moan

Through the fabric fate has sewn

Of stories that all time may own

Though in this world you'll sing no more

Nor walk the paths that you adored

I see you on another shore

Where there is peace forevermore

Let trumpets blow while guitars strum

Let glasses flow while songs are sung

By light of moon, of stars, of sun

To the paths you trod, now your journey's done

(Gary Miller)

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