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"As a song poet there are few in the world today to match him"
Green Man Review, USA


Mildred's Tree



As the morning sun burst through our room

You turned your face to me
Saying "I have had the strangest dream
As clear as clear can be
With your mother here to guide me
You must come along with me
And she will lead us to the place
Where we’ll find Mildred’s Tree"

We drove the car and parked it
Outside the old school gates
I was trembling with the nerves of one
Who knows not what awaits
My excitement turned to wonder
As a magic canopy
Of straight-lined clouds showed us the field
Wherein stood Mildred’s Tree

I stepped inside it’s hollow space
Like it was carved to be my rebirth place
And I beheld as though by spiritual grace
A child who smiled at me beguiled
And in her hands held out in glee
A cowslip posy picked for me
Just as she’d picked them in her youth
Then without doubt I knew the truth
Of what she was telling me
That she would always be there for me
Here at Mildred’s Tree

I stepped back out into the sun
Like I’d been held in time
Marsh marigolds danced gloriously
Around that sacred lime
Where orange tips sought nectar
And horses wandered free
We followed the trail around the bend
That led from Mildred’s Tree

We passed through the hedges
That had been hiding our view
Struck dumb with awe by what we saw
As Mildred’s spirit flew
Through endless cowslip clusters
As far as the eye could see
Leading all the way round by the stream
Right back to Mildred’s Tree

So I stepped back in for a second time
That spiritual space felt even more sublime
As I closed my eyes inside that hollow lime
Mildred sang and her clear words rang
“If ever you’re in need of me
I am in this tree and every tree”
I was tingling, all a-glow
For I had come at last to know
Just what she was telling me
That she would always be there for me
Here at Mildred’s Tree

“Whenever you’re in struggle
Whenever you’re in doubt
Cast aside your earthly fears
And come and seek me out
For I am in the water, the earth, the wind, the air
The sun, the moon, the stars above
I am everywhere”

(Gary Miller)

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