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"As a song poet there are few in the world today to match him"
Green Man Review, USA


My Butcher Boy



In Durham city where I did dwell

A butcher boy, I loved right well

He courted me throughout each day

And stole my willing heart away

He took one half of a silver coin

And I the other, so we were joined

I pledged to him and he to me

Eternal love in constancy

Mother dear, come over here,
See who’s looking in my window
It’s the little butcher boy,
With a cleaver in his hand
Oh Mam, he’s got to marry me
Oh Mam, he’s mad as mad can be

He fills my heart with joy

My butcher boy

I wore wildflowers in my hair

My fine dress fluttered in the air

With blue garters above my knee

To show the passion felt by me

Through the Shambles we made our way

To the church on that fine day

From the tower the bells were ringing

From the stalls the choir was singing

Father dear, you’ve led me here,

Now you’re standing next to me

By the little butcher boy

With a gold ring in his hand

Oh Dad, he’s gone and married me

O Dad, I’m as happy as I can be!

He fills my heart with joy

My butcher boy

The Market Place was filled with noise

Men and women, girls and boys

They threw wheat over my head

To make me fruitful in my bed

There were cakes and wedding pies

Fine wine and ale in great supply

While marrow bones and cleavers rang

To a rhythmic din while voices sang

My friends dear, come over here

Lead me to my chamber

With the little butcher boy

As we go hand-in-hand

Dear friends this night he will bed me

And we’re as eager as we can be

He fills my heart with joy

My butcher boy

My butcher boy

(Gary Miller)

© 2019 Whippet Records

Copyright Control MCPS/PRS



Illustration by Helen Temperley © 2020


Illustration by Helen Temperley © 2019


Illustration by Helen Temperley © 2019


Helen's initial illustration for 'The Butcher Baronet' © 2018


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