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"As a song poet there are few in the world today to match him"
Green Man Review, USA



Nellie’s Temple is currently : -

Helen Temperley - lead and backing vocals, songwriting.

Gary Miller (Ex-Whisky Priests, currently with Gary Miller’s Big Picture and also a solo artist) - guitars, bass, mandolin, vocals, musical arrangement.

Jake Lucas - (Ex-DEAD!, currently with Gary Miller’s Big Picture) - drums, guitars, bass, percussion, vocals, tech wizardry.

Geoff 'Sid' Siddle - backing and lead vocals

The debut album by Nellie's Temple is tentatively scheduled for release in 2022.

For further updates - watch this space!!
The idea for Nellie's Temple was developed during the COVID pandemic lockdown of 2019, by Gary and Helen, as a vehicle for Helen's songs. Gary would act as musical director, in arranging Helen's fully-formed lyrics and tunes for a band to record and perform under the name 'Nellie's Temple'.

The first song to be recorded by Nellie's Temple was 'Venus Through the Sycamores', in December 2020, as part of the 'Releasing Through Lockdown' project put together and organised by The Forum Music Centre in Darlington, North East England.

'Venus Through the Sycamores' was eventually released as Nellie's Temple's debut single in October 2021. This was a joint release by Whippet Records alongside Gary's 'A Boy's Own Story', both tracks featuring the same musicians, including Helen's vocal contribution to 'A Boy's Own Story'.

Releases (on Whippet Records unless otherwise stated)

Venus Through the Sycamores

1-track Download Single



Video Clips

'Venus Through the Sycamores' official promo video

Fly on the wall clips of the 'Releasing from Lockdown' Sessions (featuring : - Nellie's Temple 'Venus Through the Sycamores'
and Gary Miller 'A Boy's Own Story'),
the Forum Music Centre, Darlington, December 2020.