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"As a song poet there are few in the world today to match him"
Green Man Review, USA


New Horizons



Many are the years since last we came this way

And many are the scars we now are bearing

Many the mistakes through the many hurdles crossed

Yet bolder now the seas that we are daring

You haven’t seen the best of us, we’ve plenty more to give

We’re coming back wiser and stronger

The lessons of the past are sewn into our wings

while the list of our dreams grows ever longer

So lift up your eyes to the never-ending skies

And marvel at the splendour shining down

Follow all the cries that lead to a new sunrise

And never let the bastards grind you down

Some have lost to luck and some have lost their way

But we’ve never lost sight of the goals we’re chasing

We’ve never lost our fight and we’ve learned no more to fear

The height of the mountains we are facing 

So open up your ears to the sound no-one else hears

It’s the sound of pioneers bound for glory

Take the shackles of your fears and drown them in your beers

And drink to every single untold story

We’ve got unfinished business in our hearts

And unfulfilled goals inside our heads

Never let it be said that we left it all for dead

So unfurl the sails and ready the supplies

And point us off towards a new adventure

With the sun at our backs and new horizons up ahead

There’s not a single road that we won’t venture

So breathe in the air, embrace the wonders everywhere

There’s a laughter in the breeze that’s going to conquer

All the put-downs and the doubts that are flying all about

For you’ve a spirit they can never anchor

So raise up your voice at every future choice

It took it’s time but your turn’s coming round

Now the T-shirt’s yours to own, you need never feel alone

So, never let the bastards grind you down

No, never let the bastards grind you down

I said, never let the bastards grind you down

(Gary Miller)

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