Gary Miller Songs

"As a song poet there are few in the world today to match him"
Green Man Review, USA


Quiet Angel



Angel with a heart of gold
Dark are the days that you have known
Yet you shine through it all like a ray of sun
Burning with a fierce glow

Dark enchantress weave your spell
Your soul knows more than your heart will tell
Falling deep into your well
My heart has floundered in your swell

Quiet angel comfort me
Pity my simplicity
As you drink in my complexity
And carry me away

Though you spoke no words
I understood the secret of your sacred oath
To calm the flow of my raging blood
And light the way to a hidden love

Quiet angel flying free
Heaven sent you came to me
To vanquish my hostility
And drive my fears away

You walked the shadows of my mind
You healed the eyes that had been blind
As I cried and wailed as a little child
You strengthened the weak you tamed the wild

Quiet angel bequeath to me
The secret of your mystery
So rich in its diversity
A prize to steal away

Quiet angel cover me
In your own rich life’s tapestry
Wrapped in all eternity
Spirit me away

(Gary Miller)

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