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"As a song poet there are few in the world today to match him"
Green Man Review, USA

Radical Jack (2003)


'Radical Jack', a musical performed by the National Youth Music Theatre, was Gary's first major community arts project.

Radical Jack was written from scratch in 5 days, with and by the company. This project was a collaboration between theatre and musical practitioners specialising in puppetry, musical theatre and contemporary and traditional folk music.

A series of workshops led to a live performance of the musical at Durham University.

Creative Team

Director                                                    Clare Prenton

Musical Director                                       Gary Miller

Indonesian Shadow Puppet Specialist    Tony Valberg


List of Songs

It's Friday!

The Fishing Song / The Women's Church Song

Jack's Leaving

Alice Alone (Alice's Lament)

If We Should Kill the Beast

The Monster

Starry Night

The Chant of the Sprites

Battle Song (Jack Attack!)




Gary - it's been fantastic - Hope I haven't been too much of a nightmare!

Love, Clare

(Clare Prenton, Director)


Dear Gary,

We've enjoyed the experience just as much as you have.

Lots of love, Judith

(Judith Lobendhan, Head Chaperone)

So happy to have met you, Gary.

You're the best.

With love, Marion

(Marion Knowles, Chaperone)

Thank you for inspiring the children and getting so much out of them.

I hope we work with you again.


(June Shepherd, Chaperone)

Thank you for your friendship,


(Isobel Tripney, Chaperone)


Hi Gary

Thanks a lot for bein such a star wif all of us and 4 gettin my song in da show

Thanks again




(Emily Thompson-Worrel, Scarborough, Age 13)

Gary! Gary! Gary! Gary!

Thanks for helping us out, we couldn't have done it wothout you!

I've hada great time, you're an 'absolute legen'!




(Elizabeth Griffiths, Leeds, Age 17)


You kick ass.

I had a great time. I think this has been a great experience for everyone!

You made it really special and I loved it all.


Fae Alyson McKechnie

(Alyson McKechnie, Glenrothes, Age 14)


U have made this lab SO fun. U have been fun good luck in whatever u do next.

Be lucky!

Thanks 4 everything


x Sophie x

(Sophie Elizabeth Forrest, Leeds, Age 14)

Gary, Gary, Gary!

The week wouldn't have been half as good without you! You're a star! Good luck and have fun whatever you do

Take care, love u!


(Claire Kilbride, Chesterfield, Age 16)

Dear Gary,

Thanks for everything, it's been SO great. Thank you so much for help with my song.

Lots of love

Rachel (Big Rach)


Gary, Gary, Gary, Gary... !!!

Hiya Gary,

U R an absolute legend! Thanx 4 all u'r hard work and helping us put on such a BRILL show.

Luv ya


(Amy Suzanne Larcombe, Dendron, Age 15)

See ya

You were Great



(Rachel Teate, Middlesbrough, Age 15)

Hey Gary!

Thanks Soo much.

We love U

U've shown me so much


(Francesca Salt, Chesterfield, Age 15)

Dear Gary,

Been great working with you this week., hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have.



(Charlotte Ramsbottom, Bishop Auckland, Age 16)

Hey Gary!

Hada great time working with you!

See ya!


(Caeley Elcock, Northumberland, Age 15)

Hi Gary

Thanks for doin' all the songs with us. It's been a great week.


(Joseph Taylor, Age 12)


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