Gary Miller Songs

"As a song poet there are few in the world today to match him"
Green Man Review, USA


Seven Hills



My city stands on seven hills
My ego dwells within
With seven courts for seven laws
Which bend against my will
There are many masks for me to wear
To judge with clemency
But it's a thankless task it's an empire of glass
A brittle transparency

The streets and architecture
Form a grandiose design
Sculptors mould my vision
Into artifacts sublime
Painters reflect beauty
In each image rich and bold
Poets agonise to find
The words that must be told

All roads lead me
My destiny to find
And if fate decrees to Hell I'll go
For I won't be denied

My army marched through many lands
To a thunder like applause
And plundered indiscriminately
To the betrayal of my cause
But my killer instinct failed me
In many a far off land
Until I had lost all hope and sense
Of where my city stands

A city built on one man's dreams
Can stand the test of time
If others share his vision rare
And can add to its design
But with vandals hammering at the gates
And traitors from within
A swift blade thrust into the back
Cuts short a glorious reign

So lend me your ears
And hand my fiddle down
For I will play the final tune
And burn my city down

(Gary Miller)

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