Gary Miller Songs

"As a song poet there are few in the world today to match him"
Green Man Review, USA


She Walks the Hill



She walks the hill to a 12-hour shift

It’s not a job, it’s a calling, it’s a gift

She tends each resident through their dementia and their age

And she does it all on a minimum wage

She is the central hub, ‘round which all life can revolve

In this small-town community, there’s not a problem she can’t solve

She replaces every missing piece, puts a smile on every face

And she does it all with dignity, with selflessness and grace

Her door is always open, it’s been like that for years

And no-one stops to question her sacrifice or tears

For she keeps it all well-hidden, it doesn’t suit her role

Of the rock, the ear, the shoulder, for every other living soul

She walks the hill and sees the winding river flow

With heavy bags around her eyes and in her hands also

She appreciates the beauty in every face and every scene

While thanking God for each day that there has been

She walks the hill, it’s simply there and must be climbed

with a lightness in her step and a joy that most can’t find

It’s a lesson to us all, in this world of stress and speed

That the smaller things in life are the ones we really need

And though God gave her wings to fly, she stays inside her cage

This home-bird is at peace with her place upon life’s stage

And I wish every happiness that fate can send her way

And what she gave me for a short time, I will treasure every day

She walks the hill to another shift

There’s no burden she can’t bear, there's no weight that she can’t lift

As her failing hands defy all the pressures pushing down

She’s the life, the soul, the victory of this and every town

(Gary Miller)

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