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"As a song poet there are few in the world today to match him"
Green Man Review, USA


Show Me



Sing me a carol

Oh beautiful singer

Sing me a sweet song

Oh beautiful bird

Of all the stars twinkling

Of fairy dust sprinkling

Of lily-bells tinkling

Oh beautiful bird

Tell me a true tale

That leaps from your pages

Of the widows of Hartley

How they must have grieved

Of fragile love slighted

Of hopeless love blighted

Of spirit guides sighted

To calm the bereaved

Play me a tune

Oh mystical lyre

Weave me a melody

Oh mythical muse

Of two hazel eyes

Bewitching and wise

That delight and surprise

How can I refuse?

Show me a vision

Oh ethereal angel

Show me a vision

Through riddles and dreams

Of mysterious riders

And web-weaving spiders

So I know that this world

Is not as it seems

Teach me a new dance

Give me a mission

Whisper me a secret

Grant me a spell

Show me a tower

So I can climb it

Ask me a question

And I’ll answer it well

Sing me your life

Oh beautiful miner

Sing me your life

Oh beautiful man

Your deep thoughts defining

Your soul bright and shining

Like planets aligning

Oh beautiful man

(Gary Miller)

© 2019 Whippet Records

Copyright Control MCPS/PRS



In 2017, Gary was commissioned by Northern Voices Community Projects to write a song for 'The Pitmen Poet of Percy Main', a book celebrating the life and work of Joseph Skipsey, published to mark the 185th anniversary of his birth in the colliery village of Percy Main on 17th March 1832. The song he wrote was 'A Dream of Joseph Skipsey'.

Since then, Gary has written further songs about Joseph Skipsey, including 'Show Me' and 'Unlocked Gate'.

An EP release of Joseph Skipsey songs was initially tentatively planned, to include all of the above songs, together with a number of Joseph Skipsey's own poems set to music by Gary but since then, Gary's Joseph Skipsey songs have become part of Gary and Helen's 'Northern Grit' collaborative project.

Other songs from 'Northern Grit' include : -

'Ballad of Mary Ann Cotton', 'Blücher''Hands and Mind', 'I Can and I Will''It Will Be All Right', 'Show Me''Unlocked Gate'.

Illustration by Helen Temperley © 2019


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