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"As a song poet there are few in the world today to match him"
Green Man Review, USA


What I Could Have Been



Here's to the glorious failure, here's to the great unknown
To another wasted burnt-out case, washed up and alone
The circus has departed leaving one more sad old clown
One more night goes by; one more drink goes down, down, down

In this small-minded town
You need the courage of your dreams
I never stopped believing I would make it to the top
With a single-minded tunnel vision no one else could stop

One day I rocked it with the best of them
Every backslapper come backstabber seemed to know me then
Maybe because I was ahead of my time or because I never compromised
All I'd sacrificed came to nothing in the end

Going, going, going, gone
Now all I've got left are my songs
My memories and my unfulfilled dreams
Of what I could have been

And how my workmates love my stories
Of rock 'n' rollers bound for glory
Now I'm bound for the building site
My leathers and good looks departed
For tatty jeans and a hairy arse

And how my sad mates love my stories
But it’s just a piss-head's faded glories
Now I'm bound for the bar again
As they laugh at me behind their pints
And mock me when I'm out of sight
(I never liked them that much anyway!)

Going, going, going gone
Now all I've got left is this song
The memories and the unfulfilled dreams
Of what I could have been

Now I hate this fucking business after all its done to me
But it’s in my blood now and for another crack at it I'd give anything
And 'though people say to me "It was never meant to be
So keep your feet still Geordie Hinny"
They'll never drive those bonnie dreams away

For I'll keep up the hope, I'll keep writing songs
'Though no-one might hear them to me they're so strong
They'll tell of my life and the things that I've seen
And serve to remind me of what I could have been

(Gary Miller)

© 1998 Whippet Records

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Gary performing 'What I Could Have Been'
live at Soundborn Studio Vienna, on 15th October 2003


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