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"As a song poet there are few in the world today to match him"
Green Man Review, USA


Where the Violets Grow



I remember days with you
When I was a boy
And you could do most anything
With such ease and joy
Then came the day your body failed
And your breath came slow
But I remember how you once walked
Where the violets grow

Tortured, humiliated
Hard to bear for a man
Forgotten by the Coal Board
For whom you carried the can
Housebound to an iron lung
Your skeletal frame laid low
No more to walk these sacred lands
Where the violets grow

Your one true precious Violet
Never left your side
Though the pain grew worse with every curse
And all you could do was cry
Until your time was finally come
And at last you could let go
But in my mind you walk for evermore
Where the violets grow

The day that you were laid to rest
Seemed a blesséd relief
After thirty years of a living hell
There’d already been too much grief
Her burden gone she carries on
She moves a little slow
Until you both tread lightly
Where the violets grow

For I see you there together
Where the violets grow

Walk in peace, rest in peace
Where the violets grow

(Gary Miller)

© 2005 Whippet Records

Copyright Control MCPS/PRS

Gary's late Uncle Bill & Aunt Violet


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Video Clips

Gary introducing and performing 'Where the Violets Grow'
live at Katie Fitzgerald's, Stourbridge on 17th August 2010, 

as part of a series of UK shows with legendary Australian duo Mick Thomas (award-winning singer/songwriter) & Michael Barclay (both of 'Mick Thomas & The Sure Thing' and formerly of 'Weddings Parties Anything').

Gary Miller & Ralf Weihrauch performing 'Where the Violets Grow'
live at Mata Hari, Stuttgart, on 23rd October 2005.


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