Gary Miller Songs

"As a song poet there are few in the world today to match him"
Green Man Review, USA

Gary Miller & Iain Petrie

Gary's collaboration with award-winning producer Iain Petrie began in 2009, with Iain producing Gary's album 'Reflections on War'.

Developing a deep friendship, their instinctive rapport and understanding has proven so successful and rewarding that Iain has remained Gary's regular producer ever since. They have also performed live together on numerous occasions.

When US folk-punk band The Bloody Irish Boys approached Gary in 2011 to record guest lead vocals to the song 'Catch Me If I Fall' for their 'Auld St. Patrick' album, Gary chose Iain to record his vocal parts.

In 2012, Gary contributed a song, recorded and produced by Iain, 'Last Christmas at Lennel House', to Iain's 'Bridge and Bauble' project.

Their collaborative partnership really took off, however, in 2013, with the first stages of the epic-scale 'Mad Martins' project, which went through a protracted recording process and took half-a-decade to finally come to fruition. Iain's contribution went far beyond the role of producer. Iain brought his multi-instrumentalist and creative skills fully to the fore, working up arrangements to all the songs with Gary and playing the majority of instruments on the more fully arranged songs. Highly enthused by the project, Iain supported and encouraged Gary every step of the way through the entire creative process, ensuring Gary's immense vision was not only achieved but hugely expanded upon. In turn, Gary was keen to explore each song individually and experiment in as broad and daring a way as possible. Willing and eager to dive in head-first into whatever was suggested through Gary's initial ideas and, with Gary's encouragement, throw in a plethora of ideas of his own, Iain was the perfect foil for this approach. As a result, the recording sessions were extremely challenging, yet fun at the same time. Working as a two-man team, they really pushed the envelope of what 'Mad Martins' eventually would become.

In the meantime, Gary invited Iain to collaborate with him on a number of Community Arts workshops and since then Iain has become heavily involved in community arts in his own right, gaining celebrity status throughout his home region of Berwick-upon-Tweed for his contribution to the local community through his projects. In 2014, Iain established the award-winning Inspired! The Creative School for Young Musicians, which, due its huge success, is now an annual project. Gary has provided Music Industry workshops for this project.

Gary and Iain's partnership has continued through the 'From Coalfield to Battlefield' project. Towards the end of 2017, they recorded the album's first batch of four songs together, including 'The Durham Light Infantry', for which Iain created a full brass band arrangement to be performed by Ferryhill Town Band.


Further cementing their close collaborative links, In 2018, Iain became The Whisky Priests official live front of house sound engineer for the band's 'Bloody Well Back!' Reunion Tour.


Gary Miller & The Volunteers [feat. Iain on electric guitar & backing vocals]
performing 'Twa Scots Soldiers' from 'Reflections on War'
live at the Maltings, Berwick-upon-Tweed, on 16th April 2010.


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